Sherbrooke vibrante

Sherbrooke is a vibrant city, a place where you can let your ears guide you at your own pace. Destination Sherbrooke have used the city’s acoustics to show you what summer in the city is really like.

Destination Sherbrooke is proud to present its collaboration with Jaycee and Valaire to create Sherbrooke's soundtrack!



I started a marketing agency specialising in video production at a very young age. I had no training and no production experience, but I was full of dreams. So I worked hard and tried to finish my studies in Sherbrooke, alternating between my school work and company. More +

At 19, I left Sherbrooke to work as video marketing manager for the largest outdoor club in North America, the BeachClub. Every weekend I would share the stage with some of the biggest musical talents in the world, and my work was seen by thousands of people.

I then travelled the world, working with some of the web’s biggest stars. Today, I am a producer, marketing strategist and web content creator for several companies, and my work still allows me to travel. Less -


« We are an electronic group with a wide range of music that allows us to shift from hip-hop to pop, rock to funk. We raise the party! ».

Formerly from Sherbrooke, the members of Valaire have been known for years. Following their educational path focusing on music, the five friends formed the group Misteur Valaire in 2004, which became Valaire in 2016. More +

Over the past years, Valaire has had super success thanks to five albums: Mr. Brian, influenced by their jazz training, Friterday Night, with a more festive sound, Golden Bombay, pop-influenced music. Then came Bellevue, with more eclectic sounds and various musical influences, and finally Oobopopop, where brass and percussion give a more tropical sound.

The group regularly participates in Sherbrooklyn, the Fête du Lac des Nations, a launch at the Petite Boîte Noir or a performs a show at the Granada Theatre. «We have a sort of chemistry with people from Sherbrooke. We feel like its home, like we are home.» Less -