In red zone, I support local restaurants by ordering food ! 

Because your favourite restaurants still need your support; we ask that this October, you show it. To do so, we challenge you to order food from a local restaurant, at least once a week. Keeping Sherbrooke’s restaurants in business not only offers greater diversity of culinary choice, but also helps to preserve the vitality and vibrancy of gastronomy in Sherbrooke.

Get inspired...

We have updated the “Where to Eat” section of our website. First, you can get inspired by clicking the “Take Out” filter, then choose the type of food you feel like having: comfort food, world cuisine or fast food, let your taste buds guide you. Do you prefer delivery? Activate the filter of the same name and voilà!

For the next few weeks, our team is committed to keeping this list as up to date as possible.

The Sherbrooke Take-Out challenge

Throughout the month of October, show solidarity with your favorite restaurants. How? By taking the Take-Out food challenge! 
We even created a filter for your Facebook profile picture!
Share photos of your take-out meal on Instagram and Facebook in public mode.
Identify the restaurant you’ve ordered from.
Use the hashtag #sherbrooketakeout or #sherbrookepouremporter. And continue to follow us, because we will soon be announcing contests for those who will take up the Sherbrooke Take-Out Challenge.

Thanks for supporting your local restaurants and enjoy your meal!!!!