Five ways to discover the murals

The murals are one of Sherbrooke’s star attractions. They are giant works of art that mark the landscape of the downtown core, making Sherbrooke a true open-air art gallery. In total, 18 frescos each relate in their own way a facet of city’s history. Whether as a family, a couple, in a group or with friends…whether you are a lover of history, technology, challenges or urban walking, a range of experiences are available to head out to discover the murals. Here are five ways to explore the wonderful world of Sherbrooke’s urban art:


the Great Mural Experience

Muralis is a unique tour through the murals, an innovative experience that allows us to bring them to life. With the help of your mobile phone or tablet, download the application, point your device towards one of the 11 animated frescos and enter into the different scenes of local life. And in this great quest, don’t forget to collect the different keys that are hidden in each of the murals…a unique and technological way to learn about the stories that are hidden in Sherbrooke’s murals.

In cold weather, make sure to have enough battery in your mobile devices and touch screen gloves.


Murals Quiz

Because each mural is a treasure trove of details, head out to discover the scenes of life in Sherbrooke by taking part in the online quiz. As a family or with friends, answer a range of questions, win points and compare your score with your friends! To access the quiz, go to with your mobile phone. Be careful, there are several trick questions – can you get a perfect score?


Find and seek

Ladybugs, butterflies, animals, and even…elves. These are some of the creatures that we can meet in the murals. Get the Murals Circuit brochure at the Tourist Information Office, sharpen your sense of observation and try to discover everything that is hidden in each of the murals.



Locate the Mural Tour on BaladoDiscovery using a free mobile application. Once the circuit is preloaded in your device, discover the story behind frescoes at your own pace, guided by your phone or tablet ... without internet. Contents include: route, geolocation, photos, texts, videos and audio tapes.

To learn more about the BaladoDiscovery application, download the virtual guide application here.


By simply going for a stroll

Do you prefer walking the streets of Sherbrooke? The Murals Circuit is divided into two tours. The shortest one (3.5 km) takes you downtown visiting 10 murals.

The full tour is 7 km long and presents all the mural works of art.

In peak seasons you may meet our mobile murals agent. They are there to answer all your questions about the murals!

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