Welcoming Participants

Welcome Email

Two weeks before your event, a welcome email can be sent to your participants so that they can plan their stay in Sherbrooke based on the updated festival and event calendar!   

Tourist Information Table at the Event Site

A tourist information table can be positioned in a strategic location at your event site. It will offer general information about Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships with maps of the Grandes-Fourches bike network, access maps, a stand with fliers from different tourist service suppliers, a restaurant map and other documents that will facilitate their discovery of the Sherbrooke region.

Planning a Civic Reception at City Hall

Municipal authorities can recognise your event in an official fashion by inviting the organising committee to a civic reception at Sherbrooke’s city hall.

Discover Sherbrooke with the Greeters Network

Greets are volunteer citizens who share their passions with visitors. Volunteer Greeters meet with 1-6 tourists for a walking tour of about 2 hours. They will talk about their interests while walking through the city or in specific areas such as neighbourhoods, parks, churches and other sites. There is no set route and every meeting is unique! For more information, go to sherbrookegreeters.com.