Event Organization

Preparatory meeting with the organising committee

With prior notice, the staff from Destination Sherbrooke can take part in a preparatory meeting with the committee. Our expertise can be a great resource and reference for the preparation of your event.

Development of a Schedule of Activities for Participants/Spouses

Destination Sherbrooke’s staff can develop a program of visits and tourist activities by helping you make the right choices and preparing calls for service offers.

Personalised Access Map

To facilitate access to the destination and different activities during your event, Destination Sherbrooke can design a personalised map of the City of Sherbrooke based on requests from the organising committee.

See an example of personalised access map 

Support for the preparation of a shuttle service between hotels and event sites

Destination Sherbrooke can also help you in planning for and running a shuttle service between hotels, competition/event sites and social activities.

Free Bus Passes for Public Transit

Bus passes for the Société de Transport de Sherbrooke (STS), printed with the name of your event, can be provided to you in sufficient numbers on request. These passes will allow your participants to travel for free on the STS network during their stay.

Directory of Sports Infrastructure

Blessed with high-quality sports infrastructure, Sherbrooke regularly hosts sports competitions at various levels across many disciplines. In this document, Destination Sherbrooke presents a detailed list of the different establishments as well as their contact information.

Contact our delegate to receive the Sports Infrastructure Guide.

Supplier Directory

The success of an event is often associated with the quality of the services offered on-site. To help you plan, Destination Sherbrooke can provide you with its Sherbrooke Supplier Directory. From logistics to MC-ing, you will find everything you need to ensure the success of your event.

Supplier Directory (french only)

Tourist Activity Guide for Groups

Do you want to offer your participants the chance to discover the Sherbrooke region’s attractions and activities? In this guide, Destination Sherbrooke has brought together all the different activities possible for your group. Animated tours, museums, shows and attractions, Sherbrooke is an urban centre surrounded by nature, and there is a treasure trove of tourist activities awaiting!

Tourist activity guide for groups 2019

Room Directory

Over the years, Sherbrooke has developed its hosting infrastructure to meet the needs of its convention and event clients. In this document, Destination Sherbrooke presents a detailed list of its room offerings (banquet, cocktail, school, theatre set-ups) and the full contact information for the different establishments.

Room Directory