Bid of candidacy

Bid of candidacy Preparation

The preparation of your bid of candidacy documents are the key part of the event organization. First and foremost, this document will help show you are serious in your intentions to develop that project. Secondly, it will act as a confirmation that Sherbrooke has the necessary infrastructures to welcome such a convention.

Since the precision, quality and variety of the elements presented in the bid documents will undoubtedly be scrutinized, compared and evaluated by the selection committee members; Destination Sherbrooke will provide personalized bid documents adapted to your needs, free of charge.

Invitations to Tender

Following a preliminary consultation with the organization committee, the invitations to tender and the hotel rooms and meeting rooms provisory reservations will be completed by Destination Sherbrooke, who will contact hotels and reception infrastructures for you.

Be Accompanied in Your Inspection Visit

What better way to ensure the infrastructures that will house your next convention are adequate than to visit them? Destination Sherbrooke will plan an inspection visit for you. On the agenda: a visit of the hotels, restaurants, attractions, meeting rooms and anything else you could need to visit.