About Destination Sherbrooke

Destination Sherbrooke is the para-municipal organisation that contributes to the promotion of Sherbrooke through sustainably developing tourist attractions. A key actor in tourism development, manager of tourist sites and promotion agent for the city in different markets, the organisation stands out for its unique mission.

Mandate and Clientele

Firstly, to promote the importance of tourism a motor of economic development, Destination Sherbrooke serves markets that are regional, national and international in nature. The different groups of clients it serves includes citizens of Sherbrooke, who are proud ambassadors of their city, but also day travellers, tourists, clients attending conventions, trade fairs and shows, exhibitions, as well as those attending cultural and sporting events. As manager of the Sherbrooke Marché de la Gare, the Sherbrooke Exhibition Centre, the Maison de l’Eau, the Tourist Information Office and the Place Nikitotek, the organization manages the activities of the sites previously identified by the City of Sherbrooke. Finally, Destination Sherbrooke is the organisation behind the creation of the Réseau de Parcs Nature Récréotouristiques, which adds to and diversifies Sherbrooke’s offer.

In fact, all of Destination Sherbrooke’s divisions are called on to develop intervention axes as well as an action plan associated with these orientations. Destination Sherbrooke is the result of a strategic alliance between three organisations – CHARMES, Tourisme Sherbrooke and Cité des Rivières, and was created in January 2011.


  • $188 million in economic spin-offs
  • 3,800 direct and indirect jobs
  • 2,298,800 annual person-visits
  • 1,442,900 annual overnight stays

*preliminary 2014 data. Based on Statistics Canada data from 2014 analysed by Pragma Tourisme-conseil on travel in Canada. Study of visitors aged 18 and over who have travelled at least 40 km to come to Sherbrooke.
*2015 data will be available at the start of 2017