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Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau

Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau
Experience the soothing music of Mother Nature. Five minutes from downtown Sherbrooke, the Marais Réal-D.-Carbonneau offers nature and all its wonders. Discover the marsh, its fauna and flora in a beautiful setting. Observation tours and trails on pier piles will allow you to go to places you normally could not.
Those trails allow you to reach a 40 hectares ecosystem with more than 50 trees and shrubs species, a large variety of birds, amphibians, invertebrate, reptiles and mammals. Offer yourself the ultimate experience in the marsh, ask for the tour with the guide interpret Alex Ploratrice!
Lenght : 2 km 
Tour of the marsh with guide Alex Ploratrice
Uncover the mysteries of the marsh with guide Alex Ploratrice. Using binoculars and nets, he’ll help you discover the marsh’s plant and wildlife, a unique experience!
Guided Tours schedule
From Wednesday to Friday : 1 PM, 3 PM and 5 PM 
Saturday and Sunday : 11 AM, 1 AM and 3 PM and 5 PM

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