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February 26th to 28th, 2016

Carnaval de Sherbrooke

Carnaval de Sherbrooke allows the population and visitors to move around and enjoy the pleasures of winter with family or friends. Founded in 1966, the event has evolved over time offering an array of activities that delight young and old.
To mark its 50 years of existence, the Carnaval de Sherbrooke promises a varied and dynamic programming. In addition to family activities and the popular nightlife of downtown Village, La Guerre des Tuques joins party with an area of thematic activities in Jacques-Cartier Park.
This year, nearly 50,000 visitors are expected on 26th, 27th and 28th February on the Jacques-Cartier Park enchanting sites, Marché de la Gare and Sherbrooke's Downtown.

Jacques-Cartier Park, marché de la Gare and Sherbrooke's downtown
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Carnaval de Sherbrooke Carnaval de Sherbrooke
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